Online Apply New Registration BISP 8171

Online Apply New Registration BISP 8171

New Registrations Open for Benazir Income Support Program (BISP)

Shazia Murri recently announced the opening of new registrations for the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), which aims to provide financial assistance to underprivileged families in Pakistan. This move comes after concerns were raised about the exclusion of some eligible families in the previous survey. The BISP team discovered that certain families were denied support despite meeting the program’s criteria, which led to the decision to conduct a new National Socio-Economic Registry (NSER) survey.

Why a new NSER survey is necessary

The NSER survey is an essential part of the BISP process as it identifies eligible families based on their socio-economic status. The previous NSER registration took place several years ago, and the country’s conditions have significantly changed since then. For instance, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the economy, leading to job losses and a rise in poverty levels. Therefore, conducting a new NSER survey is necessary to identify families who are currently in need of financial assistance.

How to register for BISP

If you belong to a low-income family and meet the BISP eligibility criteria, you can register for the program by visiting the BISP website or any designated center. The eligibility criteria for the program are:

  1. The family must have a monthly income below the poverty line.
  2. The family must not own more than two acres of land.
  3. The family must not own a car or a house of more than 125 square yards.
  4. The family must not have a government job or receive a pension.

Benefits of BISP

The BISP provides financial assistance to eligible families through cash transfers, which help them cover their basic needs such as food, health, and education expenses. The program aims to reduce poverty and improve the standard of living for underprivileged families in Pakistan. BISP beneficiaries also receive vocational training and skill development opportunities, which help them become self-sufficient and improve their livelihoods.

Online Apply New Registration BISP 8171

NSER Survey

In the past, NSER representatives would visit homes and gather information about the number of occupants, room count, ownership status, and the overall condition of the residence. They would also collect details about the household’s financial status, such as income, expenses, and the number of siblings. This data was then used to create a database in collaboration with NADRA, which was used to determine eligibility for the Benazir Support Program. Based on the information collected, deserving families were provided with financial assistance on a monthly basis.

Online Apply New Registration BISP 8171

NSER New Registration

During the meeting, it was announced that the registration of the National Socio-Economic Registry (NSER) will be resumed. The purpose of this initiative is to update the information of all households and include those households that were not previously included in the program.

Under this program, individuals who were considered stable during the first survey but are now in need will also be eligible for inclusion. Additionally, women who have become widows will also be included in the program and will receive financial assistance every three months. They will be able to receive two thousand rupees at a later stage.

How To Register in NSER New Registration

BISP 8171 Online Apply New Registration 2023

To enroll in this program, it is necessary to visit the NSER office and provide your complete and accurate information. Any false information provided may result in prosecution, so it is important to provide only genuine information. Once the information is gathered, it will be stored in their records.

Once the survey is complete, and all the information from families has been collected, eligible families who are genuinely in need will be contacted through their provided phone numbers. They will receive a sum of nine thousand rupees every three months as part of the program.

How to Register for BISP 8171 Online Application

If you want to register for the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) through 8171, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Check Your Eligibility

You can check your eligibility for the program by sending your National Identity Card (NIC) number to 8171. Ensure that you use the SIM card that is registered under your name while sending the message.

Step 2: Receive Confirmation Message

Once you send your NIC number, BISP will verify your eligibility by checking their records. If you meet the criteria, you will receive a confirmation message stating that you are eligible for the program. The message will also inform you of the amount of money you will receive and when you can collect it.

Step 3: Collect Money from Cash Center

After receiving the confirmation message, you can collect the money from the designated cash center by presenting your NIC. Make sure to bring the original and a photocopy of your NIC while collecting the funds.

In conclusion, registering for the BISP through 8171 is a convenient and hassle-free process. By following the above steps, eligible individuals can receive financial assistance and improve their standard of living.

Why I am Not  Eligible?

You don’t need to worry if you get disqualified from this program you can check the reasons on which you are disqualified and know why you are disqualified from this program.

You will have many questions in your mind like why you are not eligible in this program.

  • You were previously eligible for this program and have now been disqualified<
  • How to register disabled Person in this program?
  • What is the procedure to register in Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program?
  • What are the questions you will be asked in NSER survey?

NSER Indicators for BISP

Please find the indicators for the BISP program by clicking on the link below. Reviewing these indicators should provide answers to all of your questions and hopefully alleviate any concerns you may have.

BISP Helpline Numbers

Here we will give you BISP 8171 Online Apply Helpline number.

Name of Officer / officialDESIGNATIONSIntercomTelephone No.Email Address
Ms. Shazia MarriFederal Minister9246313
Dr.Muhammad Tahir NoorADDITIONAL SECRETARY1259246367
Organizational Management
Cash Transfers
SHAHID ALIDIRECTOR (Policy/Coordination)
MUHAMMAD KHALIFADIRECTOR (Field Operations)2209246352
 VIJAY KUMAR DIRECTOR (Enrollment & Grievances Redressal) 168 9246422
Complementary Initiatives
WIQAR AHMEDDIRECTOR (Complementary Services)
Conditional Cash Transfers /NSER
Finance & Accounts of BISP 8171 Online Apply
CH. MUHAMMAD IQBALDIRECTOR (Finance & Accounts)1769246308
MUHAMMAD LUQMANDIRECTOR (Financial Assurance)114
Internal Audit
Technology Wing
HAMID ALI KHANDIRECTOR (Information Security)118
Zonal HQ
Media & Communication Outreach
  Zulfiqar Ali ShaikhDirector General (Media & Communication Outreach)  9210709 Twitter: @zulfishaikhpk Facebook:@ZulfiqarShaikh110
Saqib MumtazDirector (Media & Communication Outreach)
HAZOOR BUX MAHARDIRECTOR (Evidence, M&E & Risk Management)
 FARWA ABBASDIRECTOR (International Cooperation & Coordination) (CURRENT CHARGE) 260

Mailing Address:

Benazir Income Support Programme F-Block, Pak Secretariat, Islamabad.

Head Quarter Exchange Number BISP

051-9246326, Call Center Number: 0800-26477

Regional Offices in Punjab 

NameDesignationContactAddressEmail Address
 Mr. Bilal MajeedDirector General (Punjab) 042-35219118 48-L Model Town (Extension), Lahore
Mr. Sagheer Ahmad MiraniDirector (HQs) Punjab042-3521917848-L Model Town (Extension),
 Mr. Sagheer Ahmad MiraniDivisional Director Lahore 042-35219179 48-L Model Town (Extension), Lahore
 Mr. Amin AhmadDivisional Director Bahawalpur 062-2882560House No. 7/B, Umar Shaheed Road, Model Town A, Ahmadpur Road, Bahawalpur
 Mr. Zafar KamalDivisional Director Sahiwal 040-4221414 House No.561/1, Police Line Road, Sahiwal
Mr. Muqaddas Tanveer Cheema (Add. Charge)Divisional Director Sargodha 048-3210079House No.178, Chatha Town, Sharif Garden Road, Near Qenchi Moar, Sargodha
Mr. Zaffar Kamal (Add. Charge)Divisional Director DG Khan 064-2461412House No.439 Near Imam Bargah, Shah Sikandar Road, Dera Ghazi Khan
Mr.Mirza Muhammad NawazDivision Director Rawalpindi 051-9281132House No 805, St No 1, Chaklala Scheme- III, Rawalpindi
Mr. Muqaddas Tanveer CheemaDivision Director Gujranwala 055-9330672Street No.1, Mian Zia ul Haq Road, Civil Lines, Gujranwala.
 Mr. Muqarrab MukhtarDivision Director Faisalabad 041-2421309P-695,Batala Coliny near Rabia Trust Hospital,
Mr. Zafar Kamal (Add. Charge)Divisional Director Multan061-9330600,061-6774200230 – Tughlaq Town, Near Bus Stand,

Regional Offices in Balochistan BISP 8171 Online Apply

 Engr. Muhammad Awaz Baloch  Acting Director General  081-2870156/7House No. 450/175 B,Haji Sardar Muhammad Tahir Street, Jinnah Town Quetta.
  Mr. Manzoor Ahmed  Director HQ  081-2870156/7House No. 450/175 B,Haji Sardar Muhammad Tahir Street, Jinnah Town Quetta.
Engr. Muhammad Awaz BalochDivisional Director Quetta 081-2444433Arbab Karam Khan Road Opposite Killi Sheikhan School,
Engr. Muhammad Awaz BalochAdd. Charge Divisional Director Rakshan 0847-510822Divisional Office, Sacretariate Road near DC Offic, District Kharan.
 Mr. Muhammad Yousuf Ali Rodeni Divisional Director Kalat  0853-610264Near Afzal Petroleum Awandan RoadAslam Colony, Tehsil Uthal District Lasbela
 Mr. Ghulam ShahDivisional Director Makran 0852-414064Commissionery Road, Near Park Hotel, District Kech
 Mr. Zahoor Ahmed Marri Divisional Director Sibi 0833-500195/6Silachi Marhi, Sohbat Sarai Road, District
 Mr. Muhammad khan Khosa Divisional Director Naseeraad  0838-710085BISP Divisional Office, Near Civil Hospital Ward No. 4, Dera Murad Jamalai, District Naseerabad.
Mr. Syed Waheed Ullah ShahDivisional Director Zhob 0824-411066House No. 1993, Garden Town Levis Line, District Loralai.

Regional Offices in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa/FATA

 Mr.Irfan Aman YusufzaiDirector General KPK/FATA 091-9331791House # D-12, Sector D-1, Phase-1, opposite tatara park, Hayatabad, Peshawar.
 Mr.Rasheed Noor Director HQ 091-5815421House # D-12, Sector D-1, Phase-1, opposite tatara park, Hayatabad, Peshawar
 Mr.Zia Ur Rehman Dy Director (Operations) 091-5817775House # D-12, Sector D-1, Phase-1, opposite tatara park, Hayatabad, Peshawar
 Mr.Hassan Afridi Dy Director (WeT) 091-5816007House # D-12, Sector D-1, Phase-1, opposite tatara park, Hayatabad, Peshawar
  Mr. Jan Bahadar Divisional Director, Peshawar  091-9331649H #,06,Rehman lane, Opposite NADRA Mega Center, Tehkal Payan jamrud Road Peshawar
 Mr. Sher DarazDivisional Director Bannu 0928-633204House No.282/A, Phase 1, Bannu township.
 Mr.Nawab GulDivisional Director Malakand 0932-411028Oppossite GPO, Markaz Abad, Batkhela, District Malakand
 Mr.Farooq SultanDivisional Director Kohat 0922-513113House No. 93, Phase-2B2, Near Masjid Muhammad KDA,
 Ms.Saima BibiDivisional Director Hazara 0992-341260H#57, Street # 17, PMA Kakul Road Shahzaman Colony, Abbottabad.
 Mr.Muzaffar Ali BarkiDivisional Director DI Khan 0966-732634Kokab Colony Opposite Kanz College, West Circular Road, DI Khan
 Mr.Abdul Jalil KhanDivisional Director Mardan 0937-840075Oppossite GPO, Markaz Abad, Batkhela, District Malakand

Regional Office in AJK

Mr.Raja Kaleem ullah KhanRegional Director (AJ&K) 05822-924111Near Bilal Masjid, Lower Chatter Muzaffarabad AJ&
 Mr.Raja Ghazanfar AliDy. Director, (HQ) AJ&K 05822-924111Near Bilal Masjid, Lower Chatter Muzaffarabad AJ&K.
 Mr. Saeed Ahmed ShwlDivisional Dy. Director, Muzaffarabad 05822-924132Near Bilal Masjid, Lower Chatter Muzaffarabad AJ&K.
Mr.Raja      Muhammad                   Ayaz KhanDivisional Dy. Director, Mirpur 05827-924111House No. 80 Sector F-2 Near Gulzare- e-Habib Mosque Mirpur AJK.
  Ms.Sanam Nazir KhanDivisional Dy. Director(Current Charge), Poonch  05824-920033  Near UBL Bank Road Rawalakot AJK.

BISP 8171 Online Apply Regional Office in Gilgit Baltistan

  Engr. Mumtaz Hussain  Regional Director GB05811-920980Off. 05811- 920983-Fax BISP Regional Directorate Opposite GB Assembly Jutial Gilgit..
  Mr.Bilal Hussain  Dy Director HQ05811-922681Off. 05811- 920983-Fax BISP Regional Directorate Opposite GB Assembly Jutial Gilgit.
  Dr. Ali Murad Khan  Dy Director Gilgit05811-920984Off. 05811- 920985-Fax BISP Regional Directorate Opposite GB Assembly Jutial Gilgit.
  Mr.Wazir Israr Haider  Dy Director Skardu05811-920117Off. 05811- 920116-Fax Muhib Road Near Aga Hadi Chowk Skardu.

BISP 8171 Online Apply Regional Offices in Sindh

Dr Samar Raza TalpurZonal Director General Sindh021-99333067-57Central Zonal Office, House No B- 39, Block-11, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Near Audit and Accounts Complex, NIPA
Shafquat AliCoordination Officer021-99333067-57Central Zonal Office, House No B- 39, Block-11, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Near Audit and Accounts Complex, NIPA
Mr.Riaz Ahmed SoomroZonal Director North , Sukkur / Larkana071-9310033071-9310884(Fax)0300-3132549Bungalow # 64 Yousef Masjed near Punjab College Shikarpur road
Mr.Jameel Ahmed ShaikhZonal Director South, Nawabshah / Mirpurkhas / Hyderabad0244-9370360,0244- 9370360(Fax)House no 53-54, Sarfaraz Shah Colony near Excise and Taxation Office Nawabshah Shaheed Benazirabaddivdir.sbd@bisp.


The BISP is an essential program that provides financial assistance to underprivileged families in Pakistan. The decision to conduct a new NSER survey is a step towards ensuring that eligible families receive the support they require. If you meet the program’s eligibility criteria, it is recommended that you register for the BISP to receive financial assistance and vocational training.

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